Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Before going to Lagos, I was concerned about mosquitos but once in Nigeria we saw very few. Bob saw one in a work safety meeting and we saw two in the van on the way to the airport. Funny how we were fine outside but always seemed to be exposed in a company setting! Bob got bit by one of the mosquitos in the van.

Our company is very proactive in the prevention of Malaria. Whenever we travel to Lagos we are to take a chemoprophylaxis and we chose Malarone. When we leave Lagos we take with us what is called a "Malaria Survival Kit" which has a test kit and medication to take if you experience Malaria symptoms and are to contact our company medical team ASAP.

Here is a link to the Center for Disease Control site with info on how to prevent getting malaria from the malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquito, which usually bite between dusk and dawn.


Xaba said...


The blog is very interesting with all the photos. I have a question regarding malaria, I will soon go to Lagos for three months and would like to know if Malarone can be taken for this duration. I have heard that Lariam has strange side effects.


Lisa said...

I have been on Malarone for 2 years with no issues so no worries for 3 months!