Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moved back to the US...


As of November 2010, we moved back to the US.  I hope to update the blog up to the time I left but it has not happened yet.

I am still happy to answer questions about expat life in Nigeria if I can.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upcoming Lagos Area Runs - Calendar Challenged!

I heard a rumor that the Lagos Half Marathon (21K) was scheduled so I did a search online.  I did not find the GLO marathon, the one I have run twice in the past (2008 21K, 2009 5K, 2009 21K), but I did find the following upcoming runs.
***September 18, 2010 - Nigeria Independence Corproate Run - 10K (6 miles) Run from Tafawa Balewa Square, where the British Union Jack was lowered for Nigeria's green-white-green flag on October 1, 1960, and will finish at Atlantic City, in Bar Beach, Victoria Island.  Nigeria turns 50 and this run is to celebrate their independence.  The run will be organized by the Lagos State Sports Endowment Fund.
I will look into doing this run.

***October 30, 2010 - Lagos Airport Marathon  - 21K (13 miles) run from
Bummer but I will be out of Lagos and will not be able to participate.  ; (

***The GLO Lagos Marathon has not yet been scheduled and the website - http://www.glolagosmarathon/ - is no longer online.

CALENDAR CHALLENGED - The Lagos Airport Marathon article originally listed the date as Saturday, November 1 (article now reads November 1 (saturday removed))...  but my calendar indicates that is a Monday!  I assume the run is on Saturday October 30.  Why are people so calendar challenged here?!  Our work calendars have had duplicate dates in one month (20, 21, 22, 22, 23, 24...).  Is it really that difficult?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabric Shopping at Balogun Market

This afternoon, Kay, Anne, Toyin, Dupe and I went fabric shopping at Balogun Market on Lagos Island.  Below are some photos from the fabric shop where we bought Nigerian wax fabric and some pics of my purchases, fabric from West Africa.

In this market area just about everything is for sale - food, supplies, fabric, shoes, jewelry and tons more!  Nigerians love loud music!  Sorry for the blurry video.  I rotated it using software I downloaded but the quality is poor.  I thought poor quality was better than viewing it sideways!

The Shoppers - Me (Lisa), Kay, Dupe, Anne (Toyin not pictured)
My Purchases
Fabric for clothes - I like the border on the bottom as it can be used to accent the outftit.
Fabric for napkins!  Really!  Holiday napkins, everyday napkins or a blouse, outside patio napkins (L to R)

I posted in 2009 on visits to the local Lekki and Balogun markets.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I know you don't believe me but...

I am working on the blog and my goal is to get it updated by the end of the year.  I have to cover trips to Uganda, Zanzibar, Principe, Zambia / Malawi, South Africa / Mozambique and an upcoming trip to Botswana.  And I have to cover local trips to the beach, sailing and at least two bike rides on the Third Mainland Bridge.  We have done a lot in the past year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Holiday Card

Top Row - Left to Right
1) Sukur, Nigeria - A UNESCO World Heritage site
2) Top Mt. Muhavura, Uganda
3) Rhumsuki, Cameroon
Middle Row - Left to Right
1) New Years Eve 2008, Lagos Yacht Club
2) Oktoberfest, Lagos Yacht Club
3) Boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda
Bottom Row - Left to Right
1) Hiking up Mt. Muhavura, Uganda
2) Lake Mburo NP, Uganda
3) Lake Bunyonyi Overlook, Uganda

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yankari National Park, Nigeria

Bob, Sharon and Jonathan spent the four day weekend central Nigeria visiting Yankari National Park and the surrounding area. Bob only took a few photos so I will post them now until I get more and I will post more details about their trip (when I get them).
The baboons were fed well that weekend, first they ate the driver's/guard's food from the to of the car (they were warned) and then one of them jumped into Sharon and Jonathan's car and grabbed their rolls...  that was all she could grab before Sharon threw her and her baby out of the car.

There are lions in Nigeria...

The drivers, guards and guide.

Recent posts on past trips

Here are a few posts I have done this weekend.  I post them on the date of the event, not on the day of actual posting so I am posting this link so that you don't miss out.
Mountain Biking in Omo Forest – November 2009 / March 2009
Trip to Paris with my mom – October 2009
Added pictures to the Oktoberfest post

I am still working on
Uganda trip – September 2009
Third Mainland Bridge Bike Ride – November 2009