Saturday, December 8, 2007


The morning of December 8th was the GLO Marathon in Lagos. A group of us - me, Niyi (my driver), Kevin, Sharon, Jonathan, and Kazeem (S&J's driver) - have been training for the last few months and this run is what got my butt back into running after moving here. Thanks Kevin! I have done a number of long runs in the US and my core group of friends were the ones I ran with in the wee hours of the morning on the weekdays and on those Saturday long runs. I miss you all!

Training for this run was a lot of fun. Most of my running during the week was on the treadmill but we would get out for some long runs on the weekend and for may of them, my driver Niyi joined us.

The run, like most meeting, events, etc., here in Nigeia, did not start on time. It was supposed to start at 7 but it started at about 7:55AM. The weather was good, for a run in Lagos, as it was overcast for most of the run but it was humid and warm... just like those summer runs in Houston!
Before the run...

The shoes... Converse high tops and flip flops or sandals!

On the run course - notice the bare feet! Amazing! What a contrast to what you see in the US! Near the end many runners were in their socks with their shoes in their hands. I guess they are not used to wearing shoes for running or had probably never run/trained that far in these shoes before!

View from the run course once we were on the mainland

Everyone finished the race and had a great time, which was the goal. Kevin and I ran together for the entire run and kept each other moving. I am very proud of my driver who ran this for the first time and did a great job - he beat me!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

NFS Trip to Okomu National Park

Another weekend spent on the rough roads in Okomu National Park. The trip was organized by Jonathan and was a Nigerian Field Society trip, and our first camping trip since we have been in Nigeria. Thanks goes to Jonathan for writing up the trip report. See it on the NFS website here:
Here are some more pictures:

Rubber Plantation

Road through the forest
Biking on the muddy roads

Fixing the tires
Note the gun with our guard, from the Nigerian Police Force