Saturday, January 17, 2009

Local Markets

Last Saturday, Jan. 10, Joanne, Lynn and I went to Lekki Market. Joanne needed to get some gifts and I had not been in a while so I wanted to see if there was anything I needed (OK, wanted). I bought some book ends and I later found out Lynn did too! I also bought some DVDs! Shhhhhh! Here is a photo of one of the fabric stalls at the market. The colors are so vibrant and there are so many styles that it is overwhelming and beautiful.
Today, Jan 17, a group of us (Dupe, me, Joanne, Chris, Peggy, Fred, Kay and Sam) went to Balogun Market to get some fabric. A cornucopia of fabric (from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Senegal, Mali and Indonesia and more), lace and embroidered fabric can be found on Balogun St., and on surrounding streets/alleyways. Balogun St. has more than just fabric... it has anything and everything.
The fabric stall where I bought my fabric (see below). Dupe, our guide, my friend,
masseuse and designer, is the one on the right.
Picture of me in front of the same fabric stall.
I was on a mission to get some fabric to go with a fuschia blouse I had recently purchased online. The options were endless but I was looking for something versatile, something I could wear with more than just the fuschia blouse. Below is a picture of my Ghanian fabric which I purchased 6 yards of for 1800 naira ($13 based on 140N/$1). I willl post a picture of me in the shirt and skirt when it is complete!
The market off the main street.
Picture taken from the stall above.
Piture taken from same stall looking the other direction.


Carol Cole-Frowe said...

Great shots ... love the fabric you picked out from Ghana. I'm definitely packing a sewing machine when I come in March.

Alex said...

Looks fascinatng and it is obvious you are having a great time. Ive just been offered a good job on the Lekki Peninsula, with a secure compound house etc included. Would you recommend it as a place to live? Have you had problems with security, demonstrations etc?
Thanks, Alex.

Lisa said...

Thanks Carole! If you like to sew, then you will do well here!

Alex - Lekki is not far from where I work and I would recommend it. There are a lot of houses built in Lekki recently so depending on where you live the traffic could be bad, but that shouldn't be a concern as traffic is bad everywhere in Lagos. Get a good book or CDs. I have not had any problems with security and deem Lagos a safe place to live. Let me know if you have other questions. Take care, Lisa

nlaidlaw said...

Lisa- You've been busy on your blog. Your pictures are making me "home sick" for the markets! See you next month. Cheers, Nancy

lynne said...

Hi There, I am desperately looking for a textile/upholstery shop's name and number in Lagos. could you assist?

Lisa said...

I have not had any uphostery work done but here is some contat info for some people I got estimates from (but was too lazy to get the work done).

Ayo 08022335913

Edouard 08033129311

Here is info from business cards I have, but I am not sure which person above goes with which company! Sorry!

Mot-Oyende (Nig.) Co.
45 Inabere Street
Tel: 01-4094426, 08082844955, 08037152365

Tan Edor Experience
240 Ojora Close
Victoria Island, Lagos
TEL: 2620247