Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Summary... 2009 Plans...

2008 Travel Summary
We had a busy year and are happy to be here in Nigeria as we have many great experiences here in country and in our travels within Africa.
We travelled within Nigeria to many places including Osogbo, Kano, Abeokuta & Ibadan.
We hiked Mt. Cameroon in Cameroon, then travelled to southeastern Nigeria.
I visited Benin Republic, Togo, & Ghana.
We visited Namibia.
I travelled to Houston to deal with Hurricane Ike damage to our house.
We went to South Africa for work (rough, I know!) and had a few play days there.
We visited Ethiopia.
Overall I stepped foot in 9 different countries this year. Unfortunately Bob was unable to go to Benin, Togo & Ghana as he had to travel to Houston for business. He did go to London to visit family on a trip back from Houston so he was in 7 countries.

That record is going to be hard to beat!

2009 Tentative Travel Plans
Camping in Nigeria in various locations
Benin Republic
Eastern Nigeria / Western Cameroon
US to visit family since we did not go in 2008
Maybe another trip... Mt. Kilimanjaro?

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