Thursday, January 8, 2009

Helmet Law being enforced in Nigeria

A helmet law is now being enforced in Nigeria, as of January 1. I hope the okada rider above was just making a joke and was really not using this bucket as a helmet (notice the extra helmet on the handlebars) but I hate to say that this is probably his helmet (maybe the other one is to small or is for his second passenger). Most riders now have something on their head but unfortunately not anything that would protect them if they have an accident. Lots of riders have construction helmets or other helmets that do not fit properly. Many news articles (NPR, BBC, Reuters) say some Nigerians were wearing fruit on their head but I did not see that, nor do I believe it. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the law to no longer be enforced. My next task is to try to find good helmets for our driver's wife and Nigerian friends that we know take okadas often as we really want them to be as safe as possible (riding an okada is not safe).


Dave & Suzanne said...

I love it.

I hope you don't mind if I use you picture and make my own comments on my blog.

Take care.


Lisa said...

Feel free to use it. Let me know if you see anyone with a calabash or pumpkin on their head. I have not yet seen it and I have been looking! Take care and happy to see you are making the most of your time here.

All4Naija said...

The basic fact is that we are lawless in so many ways - this bucket helmet just proves it right. I don't think these bikers ever accept education in any form or rather the policemen.We really have a long way to go with civility.

I hope the Lagos state governor, Fashola, will take a closer look at this issue, or bound the okada all together.