Sunday, November 29, 2009

Recent posts on past trips

Here are a few posts I have done this weekend.  I post them on the date of the event, not on the day of actual posting so I am posting this link so that you don't miss out.
Mountain Biking in Omo Forest – November 2009 / March 2009
Trip to Paris with my mom – October 2009
Added pictures to the Oktoberfest post

I am still working on
Uganda trip – September 2009
Third Mainland Bridge Bike Ride – November 2009


galibba said...

Hi Bob and Lisa
I am a Sri Lankan working in the middle east and looking at taking up a position in Nigeira. I have seen your blogs and the stuff you guys do is the stort of stuff I like doing as well. Bike riding, travelling etc.The only issue is that I have a wife and an 8 month old kid and she is not to keen on moving there due to all the issues with safety she keeps hearing. Could you please provide me with some insight on this.

Lisa said...


If you will be working for a large company, odds are that you will be required to take security on your trips outside of Lagos. While I don't feel like we have needed security, they have made our travels easier. I feel very safe here and work in a large company with many expat families with small chilren. The biggest issue I would have with a child is putting them on the anti-malaria medication as I would be concerned it would impact their development. Our company requires it... but yours may not and if they don't I would just be very careful. To continue on the health front... this is not the best place to be given the health care situation. Many Nigerian coworkers are flown out for kidney stone removal, a surgery I thought would be relatively straight forward (I am not a doctor). Let me now if you have more specific questions.


Danielle Daniel said...

why did u stop blogging?
I wanna knw more pls.

Lisa said...

Danielle - I got really busy at work and then moved back to the US in November 2010. I do hope to update the blog to the point I left Nigeria but it has not happened yet.
Take Care and thanks for reading my blog.

Slumbook Ent. said...

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