Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our Status Car and our Driver Niyi


Nancy Laidlaw said...

Greetings from Houston!I just stumbled onto your site and am so thrilled that I did! My husband will be moving to Lagos (Ikoyi actually) in a couple of weeks. It is an unaccompanied move at this time...but we shall see. I believe that he will be in an apt. I'd love to hear more about what to pack in an air shipment etc. If you have the time....please email me at slaidlaw@houston.rr.com.

Bhasker said...

I'm sorry that you were not well , hope ur fit again and raring . I saw your reply to the comment posted by me earlier.. if you do stumble accross some good bookshops pls do let me know as i am in a remote place called Ben
in . I caught up on the Blog.. and the snaps from Ireland were interesting really.. Thanks and a great weekend.