Saturday, September 1, 2007

A day at the Yacht Club

When we woke up, it was still raining! My 9AM tennis lesson was cancelled and we were not sure if we would be sailing in the Access Bank Regatta at the Lagos Yacht Club (LYC). We picked up Scott, someone I met through this blog who coincidentally works for the same company as Bob and me. His wife Nancy ran across our blog on the web, posted a comment asking if I could give them some guidance on what to pack in an air shipment and the emails started... I was very happy to help as I really appreciated the info I received before moving here. Anyway... back to sailing. When we got to LYC it was still raining and there was question whether the regatta would be cancelled. Over the next hour, more and more people showed up and the race was on!

The regatta consisted of three races starting at 2:30PM and ending about 5:30PM. There were 6 Hobie Cats and 6 Lightnings, a decent turnout for such bad weather. Bob was in a Lighting with skipper Tony. I was in a Lightning with skipper Julian (same skipper I was with for the Whispering Palms weekend) and crew mate Peter. Scott was in a Lightning with skipper Bob and crew mate Gary. Awards were presented for top three overall -Julian, Peter and I won 3rd place - and the sponsor also presented participation awards to all boats. Everyone was a winner! We had a great day!

Scott (center) and Gary accepting their award.

Bob accepting the award. Tony had already gone home.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa- what a wonderful surprise to read this blog entry and see Scott's picture! I know he is enjoying all of the sailing and more importantly, your kind friendship and welcome to Nigiera. Thanks for all! Hope things stay "afloat" at next weekend's race. Cheers-Nancy