Friday, March 14, 2008

Vacation in Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria

We just returned from our adventures in Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria and our vacation was wonderful! Mount Cameroon was amazing, with the large contrast in landscapes on the SE and NW slopes and we were lucky to have great weather (no rain, but unfortunately the weather was not clear when we reached the summit). After climbing Mount Cameroon, we relaxed in Limbe. Our boat ride from Idenau to Calabar was nothing less than thrilling as the boat driver took us, in our open boat, directly into a huge lightning storm with driving rain that lasted more than half of the boat ride (total boat ride 3.5 hours). Once back in Nigeria we headed to the Afi Drill Ranch and work they are doing there is very commendable and seeing the Drill Monkeys and the Chimpanzees was fantastic. We took a day trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch (from Afi) and ended our trip in Calabar with a visit to Tinapa, a huge business-resort center that has not yet up and running, and the Calabar Museum.

More posts about the trip coming soon... until then, here are some photos.

A Drill Monkey - The Alpha Male (female in the background)
Some of the Chimpanzees

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