Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nigeria Lightning Nationals at the Lagos Yacht Club

April 19 & 20 was spent at the Lagos Yacht Club participating in the Lightning and Tarpon Nationals. Bob and I were both sailing on Lightnings. Saturday’s race was in the harbor and started slow with no wind and strong tidal currents but the wind picked up as the day went on. Sunday was spent offshore with more wind than the day before but not too much wind that we had hike out (put our weight over the side of the boat to balance it) too often.

Bob, sailing with Kevin (helm) and Doug, achieved 4th place overall (~20 boats participating).

I had a great time sailing with Scott (helm) and Luis. In this photo Luis is helming the boat during the last race of the day, a fun race.

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andrew said...

Can't believe that Tarpons are still sailed in Lagos at the Yacht Club. I owned one in 1959 and have many memories if sailing to Tarkwa Bay and negotiating the tidal currents, day trips up Badaguri creek. So long ago.