Saturday, May 24, 2008

Football - The Geologists V. The Drillers

Today, The Rockers (geologists) defeated The Drillers in a game of football (1-0), or soccer to the folks in the US. It was a great day and it made me want to play football more and acquire the skills to move the ball around with my feet as if I was using my hands. Both teams consisted of players that either have not played in a while or have never really played but were fit enough to get in the opponents way out on the field (me). Much of the game was spent defending our goal but our defense was strong, so strong that the opposing team never made a goal. Our team made one goal and it was with a kick from far across the field right into the goal! Go Rockers!
The Winning Team - The Rockers!


Tunde said...

Hello Bob and Lisa.

Im one of those strangers that reads your blog on a regular basis. Im so proud of the way you guys portray Nigeria. All too often that we read about all the negatives in Nigeria and not enough positives.

Anyways, I currently live in the U.S and has been trying to convince my wife to come to Nigeria. Im sure she may change her mind if she reads more blogs like yours.

Anyways, I enjoy your blog a great deal. pls keep it up.

shawnsilvia said...

You played Soccer - Not Football!;)
Love You - Shawn (bro)