Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First Birthday in Lagos

I had a nice and relaxing evening on my birthday. Bob made me leave work at 4PM, which was a gift in itself because we got home at 4:45 instead of 6 or 6:15. Bob made arrangements with Daniel, our cook/steward, to get some flowers so I came home to three beautiful bouquets of flowers. We ate dinner early and our cook had made me a chocolate cake, which had one candle on it to represent my first birthday in Lagos! I had a tennis lesson that evening but I cancelled it because I wanted to be lazy and just relax! ; )

Here is a picture of Daniel and me with the flowers and the cake, chocolate cake of course!

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IamMBB said...

Very nice. Happy Birthday!

Although I have yet to do it, around here, most people take a day off work for their birthday. Pretty self-indulgent. Not sure if it's a bad thing.