Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whispering Palms Regatta - August 25 & 26, 2007

The Whispering Palms Regatta was a sail organized by Kevin O'Farrell of the Lagos Yacht Club for the 8th or 9th year in a row. The regatta started at the Lagos Yacht Club and we sailed 37 kilometers / 24 nautical miles through the active Lagos Harbor and then up Badagry Creek which parallels the beach. The sail took about 5 hours to get there and because the wind was not that strong it took about 4 hours to get back, flying the spinnaker the whole way. It was a race in both directions with 11 Lightnings, 1 Osprey, 1 Tarpin and 4 Hobie Cats. Bob and I both sailed Lightnings but on different teams. Bob's team got 4th place on the way up and my team got 5th place. On the way back, Bob's teams got 7th place and my team got 4th place. We are both a little bruised up which is common due the rapid movements you have to make when tacking, or turning the boat. My butt is sore from sitting on fiberglass and from slipping on my butt during my initial efforts manning the jib (moving the front sail to the opposite side when tacking/turning the boat). Bob's butt must be made of steel because he is not sore! The boat is most efficient when it is flat on the water and it is our body weight that is used to get it flat. When the boat is on end, we hang out butts over the side and lean out. I am so surprised my abdominal muscles are not that sore because they were sure hurting when I was leaning out for almost half for the time on the water, especially on the first day sailing into the wind.
The sail up the creek started on Saturday at 11:30AM and ended at Whispering Palms Resort where we celebrated the day with drinks, an excellent dinner and dancing. Our room was very simple but nice and clean. The grounds of the resort were beautiful with lush vegetation everywhere (primarily consisting of palm trees), lots of seating along the water's edge, a swimming pool and a zoo with monkeys, crocodiles, turtles and peacocks (the zoo animals / reptiles could use some TLC). The sail back started promptly at 11AM on Sunday and ended back at the Lagos Yacht Club where we celebrated with drinks and an awards ceremony.

Bob and I on Saturday evening at Whispering Palms

We had a great time and will continue to sail on the weekends now that Bob has signed us up as members, which required a subscription fee, the signatures of a sponsor and two approvers, and he has to complete eight sails in three months. After this weekend Bob has six sails and I have three sails.

Bob and Ken as crew and David at the helm

John and I as crew and Julian at the helm

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