Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bike the Mainland Bridge

Today was Envioronmental / Sanitation day which occurs on the last Saturday of every month. Between the hours of 7 and 10AM everyone is supposed to be cleaning and no one is supposed to be on the road. During that time, we bike across the bridge from Ikoyi to the mainland. The last few days the harmattan conditions have been VERY bad and visibility very poor. There is so much dust in the air that it stings your eyes. The positive side of harmattan is the cooler dry weather. Although the visibility was poor, I still took some photos.

Concentration of fishing boats on the beach on Ikoyi Island. The picture was taken from the third mainland bridge. The second photo is a closer view of the boats on the beach. The boats on the bottom left of the second photo have about 20 fishing nets draped over the side of them and there is A LOT of trash on the beach.

Floating logs tied together to be taken to the market or the lumber yard. On the logs are huts that the workers stay in presumably to protect their logs. The second photo is a closer view of the huts.

To see more photos from a bike ride on the bridge from last November, click here.


okumodi said...

Thanks for all your posting. I will keep up with you guys. Also happy to see everything thing about Nigeria , its people and variuos part of Nigeria. Keep up the good work and hope to see you guys in the states. Be well, be good.

rabiel said...

I agree with the above post. It's very interesting to see what's going on almost halfway around the world and how well you guys are adapting to it all. I had to look up the hammattan reference. I guess it's sort of the opposite of the sorroco winds that blow into southern europe.

rabiel said...

Ops... I guess it's harmattan...