Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bike the Mainland Bridge

One of the Nigerian Field Society activities is to bike the mainland bridge on environmental day. On environmental day, no one is supposed to drive on the roads between 7 and 10AM as they are to be cleaning. Funny thing is that cleaning consists of burning a bunch of trash all over the city, which is terrible for the environment! Anyway, environemtal day is a good time for us to be on the roads. the ride goes from Ikoyi, where we live onto mainland Lagos and the ride is about 30km. This is the road that we take to get to the airport. About 40 people were on the ride and only one person needed the sag wagon - me! About 5km from the end of the ride, I got a flat tire that could not be patched (valve stem issue) and I did not have the right size tube. Bummer!

A local sail boat
View of homes from the bridge
Floating logs for sale


Anonymous said...

Interesting phots.

Omo Alagbede said...

Hey, nice photos. My first time here. Hope you guys are enjoying Naija!