Sunday, November 25, 2007

St. Andrew's Ball

Last night we attended St. Andrew's Ball at the Muson Center in Lagos. We have been preparing by taking Scottish dance lessons so that we can participate in the fun. We danced the night away and had a great time. We will keep practicing for the next scottish ball in January. It was a black tie event - good thing Bob bought that tux in Hong Kong!


paulette said...

Hello there Bob and Lisa my name is Paulette I ran across your blog when i was trying to find info on Living in Lagos.. we are due to move there and Jan. we being me and my two kids.. my husband is already there .. in fact I think he attented that Scottish ball that you were at.. I really enjoy reading you blog just wanted to know if I could email you any question i have about email is I have lived abroad before we spend 5 years in douala cameroon... yet it seems as lagos is a bit bigger.. hope to hear from you and love your blog keep up the good work

dr Umra said...

hi Lisa,
I am also planning to move to lagos, my husband is there for the past 4 yrs but he is a person who just knows work only and I am the one who always love adventures and exploring things.I really like your site.I am living in the north of Nigeria for the past two years with UN mission . I met my husband here ,we just got married this year and this make me to move to Lagos and I was thinking how to socialize and how to enjoy my stay, your site is giving me hope.

keep up with your good work, atleast it helps in defying the fear about Lagos life style.By now you are aware of this famous term in Nigeria "Well done."

Dr Umra