Friday, November 16, 2007

Sail Around the World - Lagos Yacht Club

Sail Around the World is an annual international food and drink festival at the Lagos Yacht Club with attendance numbers in the 1100 +/- range. A few months back, I had a few drinks at the yacht club a while back and signed up to run the USA booth, having never attended the event and having no idea of the scale of the event. I recruited some other folks, primarily, Nancy (pictured), Susan (pictured), Kelvin and another Nancy to help along with our cook. We served just over 300 mini burgers (our cook made them) and 200 mini hot dogs with condiments, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles and each one was held together with a toothpick with an American flag on it. Too cute! We had baked beans (Thanks Nancy B.!), 600 mini chocolate chip cookies (Thanks Susan!), and homemade lemonade (Thanks Susan!) served with Jack Daniels. Our booth was covered with red, white and blue decorations (Thanks Nancy O.!) and white lights. We had two barbeques going with Kelvin, Bob, Kevin and Bob O taking turns at the grill. Our booth was a success! Next year we will need more hamburgers and more Jack Daniels!

North American was at our booth advertising their direct flights to the USA and we raffled off two economy tickets to the US. Susan won one of the tickets!

Here are some photos. Check back soon as I am waiting to get more photos from others who attended.

We had a fan at the booth and I saw that there was no plug on the end of the wires. I asked my driver first and then the electrician and they told me there was no problem, Just stick the wires in the holes and it will work! Not the safest approach, but of course it worked.

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Hanli said...

Hi Bob and Lisa, we are thinking of moving to Lagos and would love to speak to you to get some information regarding moving, accommodation and cost of living.

Regards Lloyd and Hanli