Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another trip to the beach

Another beautiful day at the beach. Since I have already posted a number of times about the beach, I will just show a few photos of the vendors, kids, a new wood carving for sale, and Steve and the kids flying kites!
Lawrence, Steve, and Chris at the bow of the boat. Some of the local kids... all wearing clothes from the same fabric! Too cute!
Don having fun with the kids!
My new table cloth. I saw a new wood carving today that was quite shocking, but representative of the situation here in Nigeria. Boats filled with people and palm wine, is a typical tourist trinket but this one is different. It is filled with Niger Delta bandits with red cloth covering their faces, equiped with automatic weapons. In the center of the boat are the hostages from Shell, who are surprisingly small compared to the bandits (unless they are Shell children), and at the front of the boat is the suitcase for the ransom money. I was a bit shocked when I first saw this but I guess it is what it is... the state of Nigeria! Sam and Steve brought a few kites to fly with the kids and they were a big hit! Here he is with a shark and an owl (they are bringing them in). Bob bought a kite for us on an earlier trip to Houston and I forgot to take it to the beach! Urgh! Next time!

Kay - Thanks for the invite to the beach!

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All4Naija said...

You are always that wonderful person. Those photos are amazing!