Sunday, August 24, 2008

NY Times article on Namibia

Check it out! Click here.


All4Naija said...

Great Namibia background story. I wish you guy have seen enough in Nigeria. You can visit Obudu in Calabar. There are some photos available in this link:

Lisa said...

We went to Obudu, just for the day, in March of this year. The pictures on the site you posted are great. Unfortunately when we went the weather was a little cloudy so the shot of the mountain, or the drive up were not so great. I hope to go there again if I can arrange a work outing - team building - there.

See previous blog posting:

Thanks for reading the blog.

BTW... we are not done with Nigeria... we still have to go to Kano for the Durbar festivals, Yankari National Park and Wikki Warm Springs, Idanre, and more!

August 26, 2008 2:11 PM

Teejay said...


This is both accurate and informative. Other places you may consider visiting in Nigeria are Badagry (slave trade) and nice beaches, Abuja, Benin Oba palace, Ikogosi warm water springs in Ekiti state, Lokoja, Oshogbo (Oshun festival), Argungun fishing festival, Ile-Ife (the first and only town God walked into using a ladder from heaven), IITA (Ibadan), Jos, etc.
.. I have only visited some of the locations myself and have great memories.

Wish you fun-filled time and warmest regards.
Tunji Adeola.. a nigeiran living in Houston, USA

Katja said...

Hi Bob and Lisa,

I could not resist dropping you a line from Holland. I found myself on your blog while I was searching the web the Lagos Yacht Club. I feel a bit nostalgic about Lagos lately you see.
Much to my amazement there ìs indeed a LYC site. I must tell you, that I so much enjoyed reading your stories. I have always regretted not to have taken pictures – just 1 film in 2 years!- so I enjoyed the photo’s so much, they took me back some 29(!) years ago, when I lived in Lagos (Akintola building, Awolowo Road on Ikoyi, to be precise). From English friends, whom I met in Lagos at the time, I heard that the building has been demolished some years ago. I tried to find the location on Google Earth. The exact spot was not hard to recognize, because the building was built in a star-shape and I could clearly see the foundation, which apparently is still there.
You have done so much more than I had back then, good for you!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay!
Love, Katja

Ed said...


I have rescently moved to Lagos and couldn't find another way to contact you. Hopefully you check your blog comments...

I would love to run the Lagos half-marathon this year, but can't find anything on it on the web anywhere (lots for the 2007 one - including your blog near the top!). Any idea when it is happening this year (if it is at all?)


Get me at: (no spaces):
u b e r e d [at] y a h o o [dot] c o m

Cheers! Thanks,


Lisa said...

Tunji - Thaks for checking out my blog. Few people realize how many great places there are to see in Lagos! I sitll have lots to see so I hope we stay here for a few more years!

Katja - Glad I could help bring back a lot of good memories for you! ; )

Ed - I have no idea when the half marathon (called a marathon here) will occur. I just keep searching the internet to see if something comes up. I assume it will be some time near the end of November or beginning of December. I am not sure I will be in town but if I am I will probably run it, although I have not been running much lately. It was a fun experience and worth doing again. Once I fond out the date, I will post it on my blog.

Take care,