Saturday, August 9, 2008

One of the Negatives of Expat Living - Friends Leave

On this assignment, friends will come and go and I was sad to see Nancy leave a few months ago. Nancy was our next door neighbor and she really made the most of her time here in Nigeria getting out to listen to local music and mixing in with just about every group of people here.

Nancy and her devoted driver Eduard, just before boarding the bus to the airport
The crowd bidding her farewell as she travels to her next African destination! Good Luck!

Just recently, Mike and Terri moved the Middle East. Mike and Terri are tennis addicts (who will be missed by their tennis addict friends, as well as by us spectators) who kept the weekly tennis social alive in our housing complex. We hope to visit them in their new location and go shopping and diving!

Group of folks at Sharon and Jonathan's place for a going away dinner. Mike and Terri are the couple over my right shoulder.


Segun said...

Wow...your blog is funny and intriguing..I might have read this whole year already. Anyway, I am a med student here in the states and I am in the process of putting together a medical mission trip (docs,nurses, pharmacists) for Nov/Dec 2008. So I ran across ur blog in hopes of finding something to do for the Non-Nigerians ("Oyibo' during our down time. I would love to get ur opinion..Oh we will be in Lagos for 4 days after the medical mission.Take Care

Lisa said...

Thanks for reading! Hmmm... what to do in Lagos. There is Lekki Market, the standard tourist destination for handicrafts. I don't have a blog posting as I have never taken pictures there. I am sure I could but I don't always feel comfortable "snapping" (their phrase for taking photos). The other place to visit is Lekki Conservation Center, which I posted about in October 2007. You could also go to various markets to go fabric shopping. If you are interested in getting out of Lagos, if you ave the time, a day trip to Abeokuta (posted about the trip last month) would be nice. How do any of these options sound?? When would you have your days off? Just wondering if I will be in town and not working (weekend). Lisa

Debbie said...

Hi there -I hope you don't mind me 'dropping by'!! My name is Debbie and I live in Scotland. I came accross your blog because my husband has been offered a job in Lagos and wants us to ex-patriate there in the next few months. 'We' are myself, my husband and our 2 young daughters (8 and 4)At the moment I am terrified and have only heard the negatives of living there. What I'd like is an opinion of someone who actually lives in Lagos - be it negative or positive - as long as it's not speculation!!! Hoping you can help, best regards, Debbie

Cii M. Seixas Lima said...

Oi, meu nome é Cibele. Meu marido eu e nosso filho de 4 anos iremos morar em Lagos por 2 anos, pois ele trabalha como expat de uma empresa francesa. Somos brasileiros, e estou apreensiva pois só sei das coisas negativas daí. Quero saber da realidade mesmo..pq temos um filho pequeno. Obrigada!

MelJ said...

It would be interesting to know how expats socialise after work. Can you please fill out this survey (it will only take 2minutes of your time)