Monday, October 6, 2008

Lagos Marathon 2008

The Lagos Half Marathon will be held on December 7 based on the Glo Website

I was hoping to run it but I may be out of town, vacationing in Senegal or Ethiopia.

Check out the GLO site for photos from last year or my blog post from last year.


FIGO said...

hello my friend ,this is chinese work in nigeria now ,i am so pleasure that find your nice blog.

and i want to ask do u know some transport company for delivery my container,all of them very soon be clear. thank u ,this is my or .thank u very much!

All4Naija said...

Hi, Figo, you should try and go through the right procedures rather than trying to play game(sorry to say game).

She created this blog not for business but for family and friends. I don't think she's that blind to your ulteriou motive.