Sunday, October 25, 2009

Staff Football Game

Sunday was the second staff football game and our team won 1-0! Unfortunately I did not get pictures of the other team... next time I will. The game was between the staff at our apartment complex and the staff at another complex. The game was played on a sand field at a nearby schcool. The rules were very strict... all players but the goal keeper had to be an employee. The participation was watched closely as a number of illegal players tried to sneak in, but were unsuccessful.

The trophy was donated by Sharon and Jonathan and a new label engraved and attached. A number of us donated money that went towards renting the field, making the goals, buying the nets and refreshments. There were limited jerseys so as one team member came off the field, he transferred his sweaty jersey to the guy going in if he was not wearing the proper color (blue or red)! Here are some photos.

The Spectators (expats from L to R) - Bob, Sharon, Rob, Jonathan, Ilsa, Rob and Keith
The celebration has begun!

The goal keeper and the trophy.


Lekana said...

What name is your football club? BOB F.C or lols

Nice shots...

Lisa said...

Good point I should have mentioned the color code. Yes, blue is for Chelsea (except for our driver who is wearing a blue Arsenal (Emirates) jersey) and the red is for Arsenal.

Help me out with the BOB FC. I assume FC is for Football Club but BOB?