Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beachfront Property

Last month I posted some pictures of the view from our flat. The view to the north has changed quite a bit in the past month. See for yourself! I am sure there will eventually be something built on this property as the area just to the southeast has grown signifcantly in a similar fashion.

Picture taken 17 May 2007

Picture taken 19 June 2007


bhasker said...

i have come to nigeria recently and am residing at Benin ... i am looking for a good bookstore at lagos .. where in can get some technical books which i want to purchase .. can you assist me pls.

i hit upon this site accidentally when i was doing a search on the web actually.. looking forward to hear from youll at the earliest.

Lisa said...

Sorry for the elayed response but I have been travelling. The only bookstore that I know of so far is in the Silverbird Galleria (see June 10, 2007 post). I have heard of other bokkstores but I can not recall where they are. I will ask around and if I remember, i will let you know.