Sunday, June 3, 2007

Goin' Sailin'

Many expats join the Lagos Yacht Club for the opportunity to sail and socialize. We were planning to go check out the yacht club and watch a race on Saturday (June 2) but it was a rainy, flat day so the race was cancelled. We still went to check it out and hung out at the yacht club for some drinks with Kelvin, Kevin and Gary and dinner with Kelvin. The yacht club is located on the southwestern tip of Lagos Island, overlooking the outlet of Five Cowrie Creek into Lagos Harbor. We have heard that this is a great location to watch the sunset.

On Sunday, we went on a "cruise" to Tarkwa Bay in a Lightning sailboat owned by some coworkers. There were four of us in the boat (me, Bob, Kevin adn Kelvin) and it took about 45 minutes to one hour to get from the Yacht Club to Tarkwa Bay, a a crescent-shaped beach sheltered within the Lagos Harbor breakwater, where we hung out by the beach and had a BBQ lunch.
We had a good time and are interested in joining the yacht club and sailing more often. Next we would like to try out the Hobie 16 as we hear they are faster boats.

Here is a picture of the beach at Tarkway Bay taken from the Yacht Club cabana. The boats on the beach are the Hobie 16s. Along the wall in the foreground of the picture, street vendors display their goods for sale througout the day.

On this website you can see a picture of a Lightning sailboat.

Lagos Yacht Club website
It costs about $430 US to join and about $240 US annually. Those that sail usually buy into and share a boat. The people that we know have Lightning sailboats.

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