Friday, May 25, 2007

Who is Flat Stanley?

Before bringing Flat Stanley with us to Lagos, I was not really sure who he was. I had heard of him but did not know the details of how he became flat. Flat Stanley is the title of a children's book written by author Jeff Brown in 1964. Stanley Lambchop is a boy who gets flattened by a bulletin board and because he is flat, he can easily travel around the world, visiting many countries and participating in many adventures, via an envelope.

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When Bob and I were still in Houston, my nephew Brody, who lives in southern California, sent us Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley helped us build a deck in our back yard and went to our going away party (you can find him in Bob's pocket on the main blog page). Brody even came with his brother Jake and their granndmother (my mom) to visit us (me, Bob and Flat Stanley) in Houston, help us pack, and send us off at the airport. Most of Flat Stanley's adventures in Lagos are described on the blog.

Today, Friday May 25th, I asked a Nigerian coworker named Nonny to take the envelope containing Flat Stanley with her on her trip back to Houston and then send him in the mail back to my nephew in Southern California. I would have preferred to send the envelope from Nigeria but there would be no guarantee that he would return to the USA in a timely manner or at all!

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IamMBB said...

I was wondering what was in Bob's pocket. It reminded me of my parents' wedding photos where my dad has a card in his pocket.

We did Flat Lily and Flat Ben here in Aspen but Flat Stanley/Brody in Nigeria, that's pretty cool too.