Sunday, May 13, 2007

Construction everywhere...

There is some sort of construction activity on three of the four sides of our apartment. On the south side, a 5-star hotel is being built... at least they say it is being built. The have been working on it for a while now but all I see is a bunch of dirt and cranes. See for yourself.

On the west side, an embassy building was recently torn down (within the month on March) and now a new building is being constructed. Most buildings here are made of concrete. In the picture below you will see (if you look closely) the forms that are being put up on a concrete foundation (thin strips of concrete just below the wooden forms). This work has been done in less than 2 weeks. They started off by laying down sand, leveling it and then packing it down with a machine that looked, to me, like a lawn mower. Bob had seen one before. We are not sure if this first floor will actually be the first floor or just the foundation for the rest of the building. I will let you know…

On the north side, the beach is growing. Sand is being dredged from somewhere else and pumped here to expand the beach on which a building will be constructed in the future… how soon in the future I do not know. I keep waiting for a big storm to come and wash the new beach away!

On the east side, there is no construction. Here is a picture.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Bob,
I love your news. I was so sorry to hear about your IPODs. It just makes things a little different now knowing someone who came to help would steal. I love your pictures and your descriptions. It sounds like you are both having a good life. We are fine and trying to sell alot of sausage. I really hope this works.
Love to you both,
Aunt Toni

Snoskred said...

Hi, I'm Snoskred. Just dropping in to let you know I'm adding you to my google reader. As a scambaiter I have an interest in Nigeria as a country and it'll be interesting to read your posts. ;)