Sunday, May 13, 2007

IPOD Status

As of last Friday there was still no word on the recovery of the IPODs. The security folks indicated that there was an investigation underway but it was not complete. How hard is it to ask find out who was in our flat and ask them to return the stolen items? It does not seem too hard to me but it obviously is. As time passes it seems less likely that they will be returned. We believe we have spoken to the highest level of security management and it has gone through our Geoscience management so the right people are involved but I believe I have mentioned this before… everything goes MUCH slower in Nigeria! If they are not returned, we will then ask for someone to pay for them to get replaced.

Bob had mentioned to me that a few people were coming from Houston for meeting this past week. I jumped on the opportunity and called Reggie, a manager that I had met on our business trip here in February (Bob already knew him), and asked him to pick up an 8GB IPOD if he had a chance and bring it to me when he comes. He is a wonderful man who made the time on his weekend and stopped by Best Buy. I am currently charging the IPOD so that I can load music and get my butt on the treadmill!

Bob downloaded every CD we own while in Houston so that we could just put all of the CD’s in storage, therefore most of our music was not lost. The only music that was lost was what I downloaded from my nephew Jake’s IPOD and Mindy’s IPOD while I was in California over the holidays. Losing that music is sort of tragic because it was a bunch of tunes from the 80’s and early 90’s!

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gareth & kirsten said...

Hey! We are loving living vicariously through the two of you and Flat Stanly . . . the descriptions and photos combined really give us a sense of this awesome adventure the two of you have begun. I sure miss you McB - and loved hearing your voice on the other end of the line, it was as though you were sitting in the same room as me - awesome.

Hope to tell you more news soon! Maybe we'll get a good chance to chat this weekend???

Lots of love,
Kirsten (& G - who loved the bike tires bit!)