Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lesson Learned the Hard Way – Our IPODs were stolen

Bob and I got a bunch of new furniture delivered to our flat last Friday. There were about 10 people unwrapping and building furniture and it was chaotic. Bob was here with our steward but there was so much going on that you could not have watched everyone. Friday evening we noticed that my 8GB Ipod nano was missing and then looked over to the speakers for Bob’s Ipod and noticed that the 80GB Ipod was gone too. We are very bummed as the Ipods were gifts from our parents and they held all of our music. Immediately after noticing that the Ipods were gone, we called security and the furniture people. There is an investigation underway but we are not sure what will come of it! We are hopeful… We will keep you posted on the outcome...

When our shipment comes n a month or two, we will either choose to unpack all of it ourselves or just select a few people to help us unpack. If we just select a few people then maybe they won’t take anything because the potential thief would be one of a few people and much easier to identify. We will also have to teach our steward to be much more aware of what other people (maintenance, telephone, etc) are doing when they are in our flat. On Friday evening on his way out, our steward asked that he be searched by security just to clear his name. We did not suspect him but that was a smart move on his part.

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IamMBB said...

Sorry to hear about your iPods. Any news? Do you have your music on iTunes on your computer?