Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Beach Trip

It was my turn to reserve one of the boats to take a group of us to the beach and for this trip we chose to go to the beach hut reserved for employees of the company Bob and I work for. The larger boat was taken so I got one of the small boats that holds 11 people plus our driver/captain. We set out from the dock on Ikoyi at about 9:15 AM, stopped at the dock at Bayshore/Cactus to pick up some more people and were on our way. The boat ride to the beach takes about one hour. Once at the dock we were met by the local family who helped us carry our things to the beach. Again the women were amazing and carried the heavy coolers on their heads. I know our cooler (the blue one) was pretty darn heavy as it was completely filled with ice, water, beer and soda. This beach was much more set up (gazebo, tables, chairs, lounge chairs with cushions) than the last beach and it has many vendors that try to sell their goods to you through out the day.

Having the vendors stop by was nice so that we could do a little shopping. Items for sale included all kinds of beads, masks, wood carved boats and cars with people (made from worm wood), table cloths, clothing, and swords. We were in the market for some baskets, which we never saw for sale that day, and a table cloth. We got a large batik table cloth (indigo, brown, and white) with 8 matching napkins for our dining room table. All purchases are made by bargaining. The starting price for the table cloth and napkins was 5200 naira (~$40 US) but we talked him down to 4500 naira (~$35 US). A coworker Jeff later talked him down to 3500 naira (~$27 US) for a different table cloth and napkins. Since Jeff was borrowing money from us he split the difference therefore we eventually got the table cloth and napkins for $4000 naira ($31 US). Thanks Jeff! Having the vendors around this time was not bothersome but I can see that it might be in the future, once we have purchased the items we are looking for. Some of them walk between you and the beach to get your attention which was a bit annoying. Bob and I stopped by a small grocery store called La Pointe and picked up some chicken and beef kebabs and some sausage to grill for lunch. Bob supervised as one of the young local men cooked and the food was yummy! Rich and Tony - your Scavone sausage is WAY better! ; )

Go to to learn more about Bob's aunt and uncle's sausage business in Lindenhurst, Illinois.

As with our last beach visit the waves were big and Bob enjoyed swimming out beyond the waves and hanging out. He is a really good swimmer and loves the water. I did not go into the water until just before we left and I wished I had gone in sooner… next time!

We took Flat Stanley with us to hang out before we send him home to my nephew Brody in southern California. Here are some pictures of me and Flat Stanley next to one of the boat on the beach and one with one of the local kids as we walked by his village back to the boat. The last picture is of the villagers that helped us in one way or another on our visit. Flat Stanley may be hard to see but be sure and look for him in the pictures!

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