Thursday, June 7, 2007

Longest Commute yet!

Today it rained all day and a lot of rain in Lagos leads to extreme traffic problems. The roads are not great, they have a lot of potholes and in many places are only wide enough for one car, and there is a near nonexistent sewer system. These conditions lead to A LOT of standing water on the roads and TRAFFIC! A coworker called and asked if I was interested in taking the boat across Five Cowrie Creek, the body of water that separates Victoria Island from Ikoyi, to avoid spending a lot of time in the car to get across the very congested Falamo Bridge (which connects Victoria Island to Ikoyi). I had a change of clothes in the car so I went for it. Bob did not have a change of clothes so he went in the car. My commute took 37 minutes and Bob's commute took about 2 hours and 5 minutes to drive about 3 kilometers. The next day I was speaking to some coworkers and some commutes were as long as 3 hours to Ikoyi. One coworker has been here for almost 5 years and he said that he experienced his longest commute on this rainy Thursday.

The majority of Nigerian coworkers live on the mainland and their commutes were outrageous. Wasiu, who works in the same workroom as me, left the office at 4:15PM and got home at 8:45PM!

Here is a map to help you get oriented:
If you are interested, here is a study that was done in 2000 concerning the drainiage on Victoria Island and Ikoyi:

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