Friday, October 5, 2007

Lagos Yacht Club 75th Anniversary Ball

Lagos Yacht Club is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this week and Friday night was the Anniversary Ball. Unfortunately I did not get many pictures. On our boat ride to the yacht club, I did take one of Bob looking very handsome wearing his Red Sea rig, or jacketless tuxedo. You heard me… Bob is now the owner of a tuxedo. Can you believe it!!! When we were in Hong Kong we went to his Eric’s tailor (his best friend in Hong Kong who we just visited) and Bob had a good quality tuxedo tailor-made for much less money than the equivalent would have been in the US. Too bad the tailor incorrectly spelled Bob’s last name inside of the tux – Bezinski – and Bob did not notice it until we were already home! While in Thailand Bob bought a unique bow tie that was dark pink with grey elephants (from a Jim Thompson store, known for its famous Thailand silk) but a matching cummerbund was not available so he had a gray one made when we were in Hong Kong.

Anyway… the party was at the yacht club, which has one of the best views in Lagos, especially at sunset, and it was a lot of fun. Bob was in rare form as he was dancing more that I have ever seen him dance before! Maybe it was the bow tie!!!

Bob with friends Tina and Kelvin and their friend Anna in the background.


Anonymous said...

I hope you also got to visit Jim Thompson's house while you were in Bangkok. It is an amazing place and his silk products are fantastic. I just realized that Scott left his Jim Thompson ties here at home for his air shipment. I may have to send them ahead of time...just love the elephants! Nancy

Lisa said...

We did get the tie at Jim Thompson's and I should have put that on the blog!!! Details... Details... I may have to go update the post!

We did not go to Jim Thompson's house. I guess we left that for the next trip. We really enjoyed bangkok and would love to go back.

Timothy said...


My parents currently live in Lagos with my dads job. I am trying to get them something specialy made for Christmas. My family having a large history of being involved with Yacht clubs aroud the country I wanted to incorporate somethign to do with the yacht club they are members of while stationed over seas. I have not had any luck in locating a yacht club website like most have in the US. I was hoping someone might have shot of the Lagos Yacht club flag? Not to think that any of you do not know what yacht club flags traditionally look like, but it would be a triangular flag. If any one seeing this post has a photo with this flag in it, or knows of a web link that I could go to and see one I would greatly appreciate the help!

Thanks, T

Lisa said...


Sorry I never got back to you... I did look through my pitures soon after you posted but I did not have a picture of the LYC flag. Unfortunately the Lagos Yacht Club website is currently out of commission and a picture would have been there. Sorry. If you still need a picture let me know adn I will dig deeper. Lisa