Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lekki Conservation Center

The Lekki Conservation Center was built in 1990 and is located across the street from the Chevron complex on Lekki Peninsula (45 minute drive because of traffic - should be 15 minutes). It consists of swamp and savannah habitats and is run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and supported by Chevron (I believe it is located on Chevron’s land). The area is secure.

Bob and I spent the day at the conservatory after a night at the Protea Oakwood Hotel (see post on August 4, 2007 to read about how we got a free night there). The center is in need of some serious upkeep as the elevated walkways are falling apart in places, but that did not take away from enjoying the swamp. We saw Mona monkeys, monitor lizards, huge turtles, peacocks and it is reported that there are also crocodiles, bush bucks, duikers and giant rats (oh boy!) in the park.

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tony said...

Hi Guys

Just been reading your blog on Nigeria and Lagos - came across it when I was researching Lekki Conservation Centre.

I run a very small GAP year company and my main focus is Africa and Sport.I am originally from South Africa and now live in Scotland but after todays weather I might be moving back (wife might have something to say though)

I would like to start a sports programmes in Lagos. I develop the programmes but would need someone to Coordinate it in Lagos.

I don't know if this is something you would consider doing with me.

The sports I would look at would be football, rugby, cricket, basketball and netball.

I can be contacted on and my web site is

As you would know the student pays a fee and the majority would go to the community to help with infrastructure and equipment.

The students would also be involved with the local communities as teachers,care workers or in conservation research areas.

Looking forward to your reply


Anthony Phillips

PS: the link to Toto song was great.