Sunday, February 1, 2009

Camping at Wreck Beach

What a great night. Jonathan had planned a camping trip some time ago and it finally happened. We left the dock and headed to the beach about 3PM on Saturday arriving at 4PM. We had lots of gear and lots of help to get it to the beach (1 km walk). We hoped to find the village bale (chief) to ask permission to stay the night but he was not around. Hopefully he won't have a problem with it when we see him in the AM. Upon arrival I passed out about 20 pictures I had taken on previous trips and they were really pleased. A number of people were very happy that I brought them, which made me very happy.

Next we hit the waves on our boards (four boogies boards and one surfboard) and some of the sets were very big. It was exciting, as always.

About 6PM we set up our tents and started dinner. Everyone fended for themselves but there was enough food so much was shared. The locals gathered some firewood and grass to burn. The fire was nice and added to the atmosphere (ambiance), though the heat was not needed. The weather was comfortable but a bit wet and sticky. All were off to bed by 10PM.

Most rose by 7AM to get in a few rides before packing up and heading out at 9AM. I stayed dry and snapped some photos.

Local man from the village fixing his fishing net.

The village bale (chief).

We got home around 11AM with plenty of time to clean up and have a relaxing afternoon. It was a great trip but it would have been better if Bob had been there. He would have enjoyed it.

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