Friday, February 6, 2009

Notice on Bathroom Wall in Lagos Bar

You are welcome to XXXXXX Music Bar as long as you don’t create a problem or disturbance.
We don’t prejudice or filter who is allowed into XXXXXX Music Bar until you cause a problem.

Show Respect at all times
Don’t rush the customers
Don’t approach men until they have been served their 1st drink
Don’t approach men accompanied by other women
Don’t persist or keep pushing after a customer has said No or said that he isn’t interested

You will be bounced if:
You break one of the above rules
You disturb customers so that they complain
You fight with the bouncers, customers, employees or other girls

You will be banned if:
You cheat customers (here or there)
You steal from customers (here or there)
We receive two or more complaints about you from customers
A regular customer requests that you be banned
You fight or argue with the bouncers

Customers can call a bouncer at any time to have you removed if you are disturbing them.

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Jojo Potato said...

Why so coy? That's tricks bar at the tarzan boat yard and ferry dock. A relaxing place along the creek.