Saturday, February 28, 2009

Biking the Third Mainland Bridge

Bright and early on sanitation day, a groupof about 40 riders set off on a 30km trip from Ikoyi across the Third Mainland Bridge and back again. Below, everone is attentive to me and my instructions.
On the bridge, the sun rising over the lagoon.
Many fisherman out for their morning catch.
Collection of sand boats very near the turn around point, which is the first bridge on Ikoyi. These boats are being unloaded. If you look between the two boats on the left, you will see two men with large bowls of sand on their head. What hard work! When the boats are empty, they are much higher in the water. When they are full, any wake or waves from another boat will cause them to take on water and sink.
Brief stop at the turn around point (not all pictured here). Logs waiting in the que to go to the lumber yard. It is a really amazing site. Lumber yard. Terrible but true... Poopin' where they fish! See the two men squatting on the logs closest to the bottom edge of the photo... The government should really do something about the infrastructure in this country... if only there was adequate plumbing and sewage treatment!
Fishing with a net... Getting ready to throw it out....
...out it goes...
...see the circular mark in the water, that is the edge of the net where the weights are...
...pulling up the net as the weights on the edge close in around the fish. Again, and again, and again...
View of buildings on lagos Island, near the marina.
Relaxin' by the pool after the ride.

Get ready for the next ride in the Fall 2009.
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November 2008 ride cancelled as sanitation day was cancelled.

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