Thursday, August 27, 2009

See post for another bike ride on the Third Mainland Bridge

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Celine said...

Hi Lisa !
Do you know when will be the next bike ride on the Third Mainland bridge? I would like to try, it looks amazing...
Thanks !

smile4kenny said...


wanna let u know I enjoyed reading your blog. I am a Nigerian studying in United States and I never knew about most items you blogged about. I stayed awake all through the night reading your blog from day one till your last post. You have an interesting blog which can be made into a book(travel guide for tourists).. Now am preparing for my lectures in 1:30 mins time.. but I dont mind if I didnt sleep.. I enjoyed every text and word on your blog.. keep it up!

Lisa said...

The next bike ride is October 31. Join the Nigerian Field Society to ride. Let me know if you need assistance. Lisa

Celine said...

Thanks for the information, I would like to join the Nigerian field society but to who can I give the subscription form ?
Thanks a lot in advance !!