Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wreck Beach... the ship is still there

A post in April called The Fate of Wreck Beach was about the removal of the ship that has provided us good boogie boarding and surfing waves. I am aware of at least two companies that have funded the project - with A LOT of money - and I heard that the ship had been removed but the 'regulars' had to see it for themselves. We assumed the ship was gone so we just planned to stop by and see the place for the last time... or so we thought. The ship is still there.
Here are a few pics of the ship and some of the people enjoying the time in front of the camera. Above are some of the powerpoint displays I prepared for management.

Thanks Mom, Silvia and Yolanda for giving me the clothes to donate here in Nigeria. I had a bunch in my air shipment (when I could have had Dr. Pepper - but I will get over it) and one 45lb piece of luggage. The people here received a small bag of clothes and they were very thankful.


Tosin said...

Why is it hard to remove.

Lisa said...

I am not sure how hard it is to remove but I have a feeling that the money went into someone's pocket and not into the removal, a common problem in Nigeria. The folks who paid were told the ship was removed and I guess company paid to remove just assumed that it would not be checked.