Saturday, July 11, 2009

Toxic Swimming Pool in Kano

This is a video from a trip we took last October to the Durbar in Kano, Nigeria in northern Nigeria. I hope to get that post done some time but I have this video of some kids swimming in a small lake just inside the wall that surrounded the ancient Kano and was originally built in the 14th Century. Here the wall had been rebuilt. As we walked along the wall we came upon a bad smell coming from a small body of water and as we got closer we saw kids playing and swimming in the water, which was a toxic green color. See for yourself.


(G@ttoGiallo) said...

The hell that swimming pool, ouch !
I'll be back on Aug. 2nd - leaving on next 16th, enjoy your holidays, no matter where you are.

deji somefun said...

Sad! Please alert the health authorities(even the papers), these kids are putting their lives and their entire communities at risk!

Anonymous said...

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