Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uganda - Rafting on the Nile River - Yikes!

I was recently looking into details of our upcoming Uganda trip but am a bit excited and scared about rafting on the Nile. I had a bad rafting experience so I am a bit apprehensive about going on a trip where you will go overboard. Click here for a recent article on rafting with other info on Uganda. There is an option to go Mild or Wild and I am sure the others I am traveling with - Bob, Sharon & Jonathan - will want to go Wild.

Here is an excerpt from the writer who took the Wild option:
We plunged. The curl of a wave lifted our boat straight out of the water and flipped us upside down like an egg in a skillet. But instead of immediately popping back up, a bunch of us got trapped under the raft, with the rapids pushing it down on top of us. It was terrifying, because there was no way out. I kicked. I thrashed. I felt as though I swallowed a gallon of river water. I started thinking of that scene at the end of “Titanic” in which Leonardo DiCaprio drowns. And then, pop, the raft shot away, and I broke through a fury of white water and feverishly gulped for air. That’s when I noticed everything was a little fuzzy, which leads me to casualty No. 2, my right contact lens. Gone. I spent the rest of the trip squinting through one eye.

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