Friday, April 3, 2009

The Fate of Wreck Beach...

Click here to read more about the removal of the wreck that has provided us great ridable waves along the Lagos coastline where typically the waves are fierce and dangerous to ride. Check out the article and pictures to see the impact to the beach. We need to plan another trip back to see what has been done since this article was written and to find the exposed well that is show in the pictures to see how far away it is from the wreck. The article indicates the removal would be complete by April 26th.

Excerpt from the article:
In the words of the NCF’s Technical Director Mr. Alade Adeleke “The Agaja Beach community and its proximate environments have steadily witnessed gradual flooding and coastal erosion as occasioned by surges from the ‘artificial dam’ created by the abandoned vessel. This has led to destruction of property and even more seriously, the ecological disaster that now threatens the very existence of the coastal communities, Lagos State and the nation at large”.

I think the impact has been blown a bit out of proportion... threatening Lagos State and the nation at large!

Here are pictures from Google Earth. The wreck is located where the coastline shifts north, where the two images are joined (different shades in water and on land). To the east (right) you can see that the creek and beach erosion have significantly decreased the amount of land (barrier bar) separating the two very different environments, one of salt water and one of fresh/brackish water. In the lower photo you can see the outline of the ship.

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