Saturday, April 25, 2009

2005 National Geographic Edition on Africa

When we were in Rhumsiki, Cameroon, I saw a National Geographic from September 2005 on Africa. This link is to the online version.


Corrin said...

We are moving to Nigeria. I am looking for advice on shipping stuff there as well as the Malaria kit your company provides you with.


All4Naija said...

Hi! I miss your blog updates.Where have you been? I hope things are ok with you?

Lisa said...

Corrin - I have no advice for you on shipping... the company I work for handles it for us.
As for the Malaria Survival Kit, the company we work for purchases it from SMI and it contains a diagsnosic kit and a curative treatment (Coartem/Riamet). Here is a link:,-References-and-Links_a295.html

All4Naija - Thanks for your comment. I miss my blog updates too! I have been working way too much and have not had a chance to update the blog.