Monday, April 13, 2009

WOW! I am so far behind on posting...

I plan to make an effort to get caught up but I have lots to post on since my last post in February.

Mountan biking and hiking in Idanre, Nigeria
Festival in Ikogbo, Nigeria
Lagos Half Marathon
Third Mainland Bridge bike ride
Trip to Benin Republic
Trip to Northern Nigeria and Cameroon

Check back soon.


G@ttoGiallo said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy for your efforts to come !

Lisa said...

I am working on our most recent trip right now. I will probably work in the backward order, publishing the most recent activities first. This next one will be a long one...

Thanks for visiting.

Tim said...

Hi Lisa

My name is Tim. I am in Lagos for 3 more weeks. I am from london but working for Guinness out here for a few weeks. I am looking for an adventure or 2 over the coming weekends. Would you be up for meeting up for a beer sometime (guinness on us!). I'd really like to get some ideas on things to do / adventures to go on / and would be great to speak to some adventurous people.

My mobile is +447590808569 (if you text me i can ring back) or email on


(G@ttoGiallo) said...

Wow, waiting for your biking the big bridge !!!