Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nigeria & Cameroon Route and the fate of my camera

Bob tracked our trip with his GPS and then plotted it in Goggle Earth. Below are some small images and some blown up versions so you can see where we went. Our route is in red and the yellow lines are country borders. The route in the second picture exits the image on the right at Maiduguri (hard to see, sorry) and then enters the third image in the middle left at Maiduguri. I thought the GPS images would be great but they are not easy to see here. I tried! Isn't that what counts! ; )
I forget to metnion that on our second morning into Waza National Park I accidentally dropped by camera and then we drove over it! OOPS! It still works but I suspect it will slowly get dust inside as the side seams don't quite fit together so well now. Go Canon! I was in the market for a new camera anyway!


(G@ttoGiallo) said...

Remark : find a way we can enlarge your pics, please !

Lisa said...

If there is an email address I can send to I will send some... not all and don't expect overnight delivery! ; ) Let me know which ones you would like.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Michelle said...

This all sounds amazing! What an adventure you are on! Stick with Canon when shopping for a camera. Check out http://www.dpreview.com/
it's great for comparing cameras.

Krish said...

Hey Lisa,

I recently moved to lagos from Vancouver. I've been reading your blog for a little while; its very refreshing to check out your adventures outside lagos!

I admire how you guys are able to organize these trips! Thanks for all the tips and insight! I hope to eventually organize my first non-business trip outside lagos! Any advice?

Lisa said...

We use the Bradt Nigeria guide as a starting point and have made some contacts through the Nigerian Field Society. www.nigerianfield.org Let me know where you are interested in going and I will try to hook you up with someone. Lisa