Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our New Home as of April 10th

We moved into our place less than a week after arriving to Nigeria. We could have moved in on the first day we got here (April 4) but there was a mix up and it was never communicated to anyone, not even us, that our place was available. Actually it was announced to the Welcome Committee who had put flowers, some books, a nice note and a casserole in our flat.

We asked around on our first day in the office if our flat was ready but all the people who knew had already gone on vacation (our first day in the office was Thursday and the office was closed Friday and the following Monday for Easter). We found out our flat was ready at the end of the day when we were headed back to the hotel so we went to the apartment on Friday and started moving furniture and getting stuff repaired.

Upon arrival, the kitchen and master bath floor had standing water. The cords for the shower heads did not reach the showerhead mount on the wall so you basically had to hold the showerhead in your hand while showering or just take a bath. Hello! The washing machine leaked a bunch of water and our doorbell also did not work. Oh yeah... and we moved a freezer form the kitchen into the laundry room and the outlet we wanted to plug it into did not work so we had to get that fixed. We have had some other maintenance requests since then but I think you get the point!

We flew in with seven bags of luggage and already had two bags in lagos from our first trip to Lagos in February. We brought some basics (towels, sheets, pillows, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc.) and also some things to make our place a little more of a home until our shipment arrives (speakers of the IPOD, pictures, bedspread, etc.).

Here are some pictures of the living and dining room, kitchen and master bedroom.

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IamMBB said...

Your living room looks nice, open and airy with lots of natural light. Hope you get all the maintenance issues straightened out.