Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome / Farewell party - April 29, 2007

On Sunday night there was Welcome / Farewall Party or those of us who just recently moved to Lagos (about 8-12 people/couples/families, I don't recall the exact number) and those who are leaving soon (about 6 people/couples/families or so). The party was at our apartment complex by the pool and the tennis courts. It was a lot of fun and involved food (two whole pigs), drinks, a DJ (an expat's husband), a hula hoop competition (which I barely won), the limbo (the competition was tough!) and some dancing.

Here are some pictures. They are definitely not my best pictures but I am posting them anyway!

One of two whole pigs that were brought in for dinner! The rest of the meal consisted of potluck dishes!

The rest of the food spread!


Hula hooping...


...and dancing!

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