Sunday, April 29, 2007

Outside Movie Night at our Apartment Complex

Friday night, April 27th, was movie night. A few of the guys here borrowed a projector from work and hooked up their DVD player to it. They set everything up in the tennis courts and projected the movie on the wall of the squash courts. It was just like a drive-in movie! The featured movie was Cars, which attracted a number of kids from the cook/driver/steward quarters here onsite. The weather was nice, not too hot or humid, but this time of year, the rainy season, attracts a lot of flying ants. There were tons of them flying around the tennis court lights, which were on while they were setting up for the movie. Luckily most of them went away when the lights were turned off.

I attempted a picture but it did not turn out too great because as I did not want to blind everyone with the flash. Next time I will get one with the flash.

Movie night typically occurs every Friday night and is either outside, like last Friday night, or at someone's place like the previous Friday night (Waking Ned Devine was the featured movie). Once we get a big TV, we will likely host TV night in the future.

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IamMBB said...

Fun! Here in Aspen, Aspen Highlands started an outdoor movie night in the summer in an attempt to bring people up to the Dark Village. It was so successful that Snowmass Village and Aspen started doing it too. So, we have outdoor movies three nights a week. Problem is, even in the summer, after the sun goes down, it gets mighty cold so you're advised to bundle up.