Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Visit to Wreck Beach

When we visit the beach, any beach that we go to, the local family helps carry our thing to the beach and the women are amazing. If you have looked at past posts on my blog you will see the families carrying everything, mostly on their heads. This trip I took some pictures of the family and I think they turned out great. After every picture the kids came running up to see themselves in the camera screen. When I return, I will bring them some of the photos that I print.

The Village Family

This visit to Wreck Beach we were prepared! Our shipment had just arrived and in it was boogie boards and fins. I grew up in Southern California but it must admit that I had not been on a boogie board in a long time! Bob and I caught our first wave together - we were right next to each other - and I screamed with excitement about 50% of the time.

I have to say THANKS to my brother Robert for getting us the boogie boards! We had a blast on them and are going back to use them on February 24th!

The Waves

The Nigerian Boogie Boarder

His board is a piece of driftwood.

Bob let him ride his board and he had a great time... and asked Bob to get him one!

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rmcb said...

lisa & Bob,
i'm glad you two enjoyed the boards. now lets see some wave you robert