Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Air Shipment has Arrived!

While we were visiting family in the US, we shopped and packed and air shipment with those items we can’t get in Nigeria or items that are either very expensive here or not of the desired quality. We also collected clothing and shoes from family to bring back and give to our cook/steward Daniel and our Driver Niyi to share. We packed our shipment on January 4th (in California) and it was delivered to our flat on January 24th. I was very impressed as I always hear stories of deliveries taken longer than expected; I think the delays refer more to the sea shipments due to the delays in customs. Here are a few pictures of the shipment being delivered. From the truck… to our living room! We are excited to have our shipment as we are going to wreck beach this weekend and our boogie boards and fins will come in handy! I hope the waves are good!

You may notice an American flag in the background of the second picture… please know that there is also a Nigerian flag hanging in front of the window. It is just hard to see.


IamMBB said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff!

annead said...

hi, love your blog! do you mind giving me the contact info for the shipping company you used? Thanks!

Lisa said...

The shipment was arranged by the company I work for. They use Allied Shipping in the US and Murphy Shipping in Nigeria. That is all I know! Good Luck!!