Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bob’s Year end Celebration – Work Party at Eleko Beach

The party took place at a coworkers personal beach house on Eleko Beach, east of Lagos.

The men were very serious playing Draft, a board game similar to checkers.

The kids were very entertained with soccer, swimming in a small pool and horse rides. Most Nigerians do not know how to swim so they never go into the ocean. This day the water was very calm. Bob went for a swim and the Nigerians on the beach were all very concerned about him as he swam farther and farther away from the shore. On one of his swim he had an amazing experience. A pod of dolphins swam by him and around him. He said there were adults and babies jumping and playing as they swam down the coast. I wish I would have been in the water with him!

I got a kick out of the dancing Teletubby. Check out this video. I wish I have taken more video because he was so entertaining… such a great dancer! ; ) Mickey Mouse was also there but he was not in the dancing mood.

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